Store project and client info

Stay organized by keeping project and client info all in one place. Store and track incoming leads in order to know when to follow up. Add important information such as:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Notes
  • Due date
  • Status
  • Cost
Status Project Type Client Email
Delivered Home architecture Darcy Smith smith85@gmail.com
In Progress Home architecture Phil Eastman phileastman@gmail.com
Booked Home architecture John Juilles johnjuilles@gmail.com
Quote Sent Commercial architecture Mike Christian mikechristian@gmail.com
Potential Gig Home remodal Sara Huckley sarahuckley@gmail.com
Rejected Commercial archictecture Christine Applebaum capplebaum@gmail.com

Track project status

Our proprietary bottom-to-top project view moves projects up to the top of the list based on achievements. Each project is given a color based on its current status. Projects in their initial phases are at the bottom of the list and delivered projects go to the top.

Dynamic progress charts

Visualize important aspects of your business:

  • Incoming leads per month
  • Status
  • Sales conversion
  • Revenue
Sales Conversion
Incoming Leads Per Month
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